Preparing your Home for winter: Handyman Solutions for the Cold Season

19/10/2012 Posted in Blog

Leaves are falling and the cool breeze starts to set in. Winter is coming and this only means spending more time staying warm and cozy at home. To ensure that your family stays warm, cozy, and safe this winter, here are a few ways on you can prepare your home. If you are currently juggling a full schedule or if you aren’t that mobile as you once used to be, you may want to assign these tasks to a professional handyman. Maintaining and fixing your house this fall will ensure that it stays in good shape throughout the cold winter months.

Seal the Draft

Prevent chilly hair from getting inside your home by inspecting your property for caulking and weather-stripping. You can find caulking or weather-stripping around entry doors and windows. Try to look for different signs of wear and replace if necessary. Seal any drafty windows with a plastic film. There are kits available in home improvement shops and your local hardware stores. If your house has a basement with a vent or crawlspaces, make sure you close them during the cold months to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Bring Stuff Inside

When the temperature begins to fall below 50F at night, make sure you bring outside items inside. Start with your plants, but be sure to ask your local garden store for specifics. Clear your garden hoses of water and store them in the garage. Outside patio furniture, toys, grills, and other furniture will last longer when kept during winter.

Cement, Deck & Porch Repairs

Cold temperature may lead to cement cracks. When your handyman stops by for a minor repair at home, make sure you ask him or her to also repair concrete cracks on the drive, fix and unsafe stoop, or repair a crumbling walkway. Prevent injuries, falls, and slips by getting an even walkway. Decks, porches, and patios may be due for a new coat of sealant or stain. This prolongs the durability and lifespan of your outdoor space.

Gutter Cleaning & Filter Replacements

Fall is usually the time when homeowners climb ladders to clean gutters, enabling proper drainage of water. This fall, don’t forget to replace the filters of your air conditioning and heating systems to ensure good air flow and minimize allergens inside your home. If you think you are too busy with work or just simply concerned about your safety, make sure you hire a provider for these tasks.

Don’t go up in flames

Do you have a wood burning fireplace? Make sure you have it inspected by a chimney sweeper or professional Westchester handyman before the winter season arrives. Excessive creosote buildup in the chimney flue is a fire hazard. There are chimney sweep providers that provide low cost or free inspections. Make sure you are on the safe side by having it inspected this fall. Don’t forget to change your smoke’s detectors as well.

Winter Season Handyman Solutions

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