Bathroom Safety Tips for the Elderly

17/06/2012 Posted in Blog

The bathroom is considered as one of the most dangerous at home, especially for seniors and kids. Recognizing potential dangers and taking action will keep your loved ones safe. Seniors with mobility issues or disabled individuals need bathrooms that are designed for their navigating and maneuvering needs. Today, experienced handymen are able to create senior-inspired bathroom designs that are fashioned with comfort, ease of use, accessibility, and safety in mind.
When designing bathrooms for the elderly, there are danger zones to avoid, and the tub is perhaps the biggest culprit. The bath tub is usually the cause of many fatal bathroom accidents for seniors. Here are a few ideas on how to make the bathroom safer for elderly family members.
•    Install grab bars along the bathroom wall and in the shower enclosure. If you have a walk-in tub, make sure there are grab bars on the bath tub length wall. Install grab bars along the toilet wall as well.
•    Create safer and more accessible walk-in showers. Glass shower panels are great s for seniors who need wheelchair access. With a wide space for easy maneuvering, walk-in-baths allow for easy washing and bathing.
•    Flexible shower wands with on/off buttons are easier to use than the conventional shower head.
•    Consider buying a raised toilet seat for easy access.
•    For seniors who move through wheelchairs, floating sinks with extra spaces are recommended. The wheelchair can be conveniently parked underneath the floating sink.
•    Employ Westchester handyman services to apply slip proof coating on bathroom flooring. This is a highly recommended finishing coat that will help prevent bad falls and slips.
•    Electrical switches should be located on lower levels of the wall. For unaided and easy rich, senior baths should have lighting switches at a lower level compared to standard ones.
Falls are the primary cause of house-related injuries and deaths for seniors. These simple home installations can make their lives easier, reduce risk for falls, and offer relatives a peace of mind.

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