Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Breezy, Island Inspired Baths

11/06/2012 Posted in Blog

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom for the summer? Call your local Handyman Westchester specialist today and transform your bath with the help of these island-inspired bathroom remodeling ideas.

Dabble in fun, cool watercolors

A typical island bath gets its inspiration from sandy, white sand beaches and the relaxing azure ocean waters of the tropics. For a breezy color palette, blend sun-bleached neutrals and tropical colors. Begin with a light colored bathroom wall and then choose towels with beautiful ocean hues like teal and turquoise. As soon as you have established a palette of blues and greens, add a designer touch to your bath using a complementary color. A tangerine tray, red coral, or yellow perfume decanter adds a splash of sleek and style.

Accessorize with baskets

Use hand-woven baskets to adorn your island-inspired bath. Stock up on baskets—they are excellent for housing and all types of bath sundries. Small baskets can serve as great catchalls, while a huge bowl basket can be used as towel storage. For bigger items, get a woven dresser for a beautiful hideaway.

Highlight underwater treasures

Beach accessories are readily available these days and you can outfit your bathroom with seashells from tissue box covers to soap dishes. The key is to create a style that can easily match with other accessories. Shell encrusted mirrors make a beautiful statement on your tropical bathroom.

Bask in the candlelight

Candles are great accessories to place near the tub. While coffee, coconut and vanilla are among the popular exports of the Caribbean, gardenia and orange fragrances will truly transport you into tropical paradise. For a personalized island oasis, infuse your bath with lime-tangerine salts. Treat yourself to a mango-kiwi bubble bath or retreat to magnolia bath confetti.

Showcase those seashells

Add a personal touch to your island bath by decorating it with sea glasses, seashells and pictures from your island holiday. Tie a twine around glass canisters and then hang a seashell on every knot. Add a pretty conch shell on the floor like it just got washed by the sand.

Seek the help of your general contractor Westchester specialist in repainting or remodeling your bath. The ideas are endless but don’t forget to have fun in the process!

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